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Are you searching for: Custom wrought iron driveway gates, artistic gates, silhouette gates, gate designs, walk thru gates, ranch gates, farm gates, security gates, economy driveway gates, swing gates, sliding gates, garden gates, wine cellar gates; custom hand rails; electric automatic gate openers, gate operator systems. Gate installation. This is our principal business and passion. We’re located near Charlotte in Hickory, Western North Carolina. Serving: NC, SC, VA, TN, GA, DC

NC Welding Solutions is a special company that’s focal point is designing gorgeous creative entrance gates. Whatever your imagination or taste, we can usually design and fabricate it into a Custom Gate or ornamental application.

Old World Wrought Iron Style and Creative Custom Silhouette designed gates add stately artistic flair to any residential or commercial driveway entrance while enhancing security and privacy.

The combination of ability and experience allows us to design your gate with just about any theme or idea you can imagine. From western, horse, cowboy, deer, wildlife, nature, mountain, lake, landscape scene,  dog, golf, logos, etc.; to steel pine tree branches. We will design and fabricate your driveway entrance gate into a classy piece of metal art. Our gates are hand made of heavy duty steel and powder coated for durability and long life.

For designs we’ve yet to create, we incorporate our client’s ideas and taste to personalize their gate. Clients are provided a drawing how their custom gate will look when completed for review before we begin fabrication.

NC Welding Solutions is one of the few companies that provide complete turn-key Custom Entrance Gate and Hand Rail consultation, design, fabrication, installation, and Quality Gate Operator Systems. When you hire NC Welding Solutions you can be confident your project will be finished to your approval.

We offer non custom gates that are fabricated from smaller and thinner gauge metal and requires less time to fabricate. Also, are distributors for Amazing Gates Company, which makes production economy gates. We provide gate consultation, installation and electric or solar automation.

We realize our reputation is only as strong as our last job, we want you to be glad you chose NC Welding Solutions. Under TESTIMONIALS, see what our customers say…

Examples of Our Custom Designed Gates

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Extraordinary Driveway Entrance Gates for Farms, Ranches, Estates, and Gated Communities!

Why consider a custom Driveway Gate?

A custom driveway gate makes not only your property private and secure, but also more attractive because it’s usually a piece of metal art. When the gates are closed they function as aesthetic front piece to the home or landscapes facade, adding value and interest to your property.

When the automatic gate operators opens your gate to admit visitors, the sense of grand entrance to the property reflects your personal taste and interests. The gate will swing open slowly like a single or two double doors, or it will slide as a single unit to the side. In either case, it takes its time, and causes guests to pause and enjoy the gates beauty.

At NC Welding Solutions our custom driveway gates are  built to enhance the property they introduce. Different shapes of gates are used to accent specific types of architecture. Our method of designing these driveway gates is to learn about our  clients property, hobbies & interest, driveway entrance, front landscape, and if their taste leans toward simple or ornate.

Do Entrance Gates really reduce crime?

The answer is always a qualified, yes. Gates definitely reduce unauthorized vehicles and foot traffic on a property especially late at night and early in the morning. Gates, by design provide physical and psychological barrier for criminals. Criminals want to come onto properties anonymously and want to blend into the community of strangers. Criminals like quick escape routes and don’t want to become trapped behind gates should they be discovered. Many criminals will bypass a gated property for one that is not gated simply because of the restricted access.

Perception of Security

More and more people want to reside in gated residential properties. Because of this, gated residential properties, communities and gated apartments across the country are being built at record rates. In the 1970s there were approximately 2000 gated communities nationwide. In the early 2000s, there were over 50,000 gated community properties with more being built every year.

All properties and communities with gated entrances have several things in common. Gates provide the perception of security, safety and privacy. In affluent residential neighborhood, privacy means exclusivity and therefore increases property values. Adding an attractive automatic entry gate system can easily add $50,000 or more to single family home values within some communities regardless of whether it has any effect on crime.

Some of the outlying areas we serve are: Charlotte, Mooresville, Lake Norman, Asheville, Cashiers, Highlands, Sapphire, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, Wilmington, Hendersonville, Asheboro, Blowing Rock, Boone, Jefferson; SC: Columbia, Mount Pleasant, Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, Myrtle Beach, Charleston; Tennessee: Johnson City, Knoxville, Nashville; Virginia: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond; West Virginia; Georgia: Atlanta. We offer shipping to: Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland, Ohio, California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Washington, New Mexico, and North and South Dakota.