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Viking Linear Actuator Ram Arm

Viking Linear Actuator Ram Arm

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Heavy Duty Pad-Mount Swing Gate Operator

Having a beautiful gate is the beginning. Making your driveway gate open and close automatically is the next step. The convenience and security of being able to open and close your driveway gate from inside your vehicle can be worth the investment and give peace of mind. The majority of customers who purchase a driveway gate without an automatic opener come back later to automate it.

The price and quality of gate operators run from basic economy units, to dependable and long lasting units. Whatever your gate automation goal is we provide consultation for our customers.

No matter your budget, there are many things to consider before deciding on which gate operator is best for your project: the weight of the gate, the width, how many times the gates will cycle each day, does your gates have panels or a lot of surface which will allow wind to move them, is electricity easily accessible to the gate, and whether the gates are single swing or double swing.

Safety, Emergency, and Security Feature Controls to Think About:

A. Keypad – Prescribed codes allows visitors or companies performing work on your property access.

B. Exit Loop – Opens the gates automatically when vehicles are exiting the property without the need of a remote or code.   Installed in the driveway it detects vehicles large metal mass. When a vehicle passes over the loop or is stopped within the loop, the vehicle induces electric magmatic current in the wire loops, which decrease their inductance. The decreased inductance actuates the electronics unit output relay or solid-state optically isolated output, which sends a pulse to the gate controller signifying the passage or presence of a vehicle, and the gates open.

C. Safety Loops & Photo Eyes – These components are designed to prevent the gate from closing when a vehicle is in its path. Photo eyes also are used to prevent the operator from moving and possibly injuring a child or animal that is in its path.

D. Access in case of Fire, Police, or Medical Emergency Should you experience an emergency at your property the appropriate authorities (Fire, Police, Medical) needs a way to access your gate without delay. A special access control device is installed at the gate, allowing them entry without the need for a code or key. 

If you wish to talk to us by phone about your interest or what features should be considered, then we would be happy to assist you. Phone: 828-381-4598.

Digital Keypad

Digital Keypad

Trench for direct burial Exit Loop wire on gravel driveway

Trench for direct burial
Exit Loop on a gravel driveway

Operator Control Panel

Operator Control Panel

Safety: Photo-eyes, plus  Fire & Police Siren sensor

Safety: Photo-eyes; Fire & Police Siren Sensor