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Q. I’m thinking about an entry gate or railing project. What should I do next?

Provide us with whatever information you may already have available including pictures of the installation site and pictures of design ideas. The design process can be as simple as you seeing something in our collection of work that’s perfect, or drawing elements from different works to create something uniquely yours. We can typically provide budget numbers based on knowledge of where it’s to be installed as well as a design concept. Once a design is agreed upon, and a down-payment received, fabrication can begin.

Q. I’m interested in a driveway gate. What should I consider?

A note about NC Welding Solutions’ position with regard to quality: we provide the finest quality driveway gate systems available. This ‘system’ refers to more than just the gate itself, but also two other equally important elements: the support infrastructure on which the gate hangs and the electronic automation and access control features. Our preference for providing a fully-integrated, turn-key system creates a smoother experience for you and a final product of the best possible quality.

We also believe our systems provide a better value. A high-level of interdependence exists among the different components of a gate system. Our comprehensive approach addresses this, enabling each component to work as it’s supposed to, and ensuring decades of worry-free use. For instance, a gate that flexes when opening or closing (due to a weak frame design) or one that doesn’t swing in a level manner (due to improper fabrication or installation) will put strain on the hinges and electronic operators, decreasing their life span. Such issues may not be immediately apparent, but will surface over the course of a few years.

Q. What techniques does NC Welding Solutions implement to create its gates?

NC Welding Solutions is a well-equipped metal fabrication shop. We use whatever technique is best-suited to achieving the desired result. This can involve cold-sawing, plasma cutting, rolling the metal in a pyramid roller to attain curves, hand forging scrolls and other decorative elements, the use of cast-iron, welding of MIG, and grinding and polishing to the desired finish.

A driveway gate that looks good and functions properly on the day it’s installed is easy; it’s 5, 10, and 15 years down the road that indicates whether it was done right or not.

Key to a successful project is involving us from day one: before the masonry piers are built and before the driveway is laid. If you are early in the construction process of a new home or driveway, please contact us as we can provide important steps that will enable the easy integration of a driveway gate when you’re ready.

Q. Does NC Welding Solutions work with contractors and architects?

Definitely, feel free to mail, email, or arrange for pickup any drawings that you would like reviewed and quoted. In working with contractors and architects, we appreciate the challenge involved in coordinating and scheduling the various aspects of a project. Accordingly, we work hard to help in this regard as much as possible.

Q. Where does NC Welding Solutions perform work?

It depends on the project type. For automated driveway gate systems and gated entries, we are happy to serve a vast portion of the eastern seaboard, from Connecticut down to Florida.

For general architectural iron projects, such as railings, we serve Western North Carolina area.

Q. Does your company sell and install the automatic openers? 
Yes we sell and install the openers and access control devices. We provide this as a separate service or as a gate package.

Q. Will you build from my design plan? 
Yes, we can fabricate your gate from most any design you provide. We can also assist you in developing your design.

Q. Do you provide installation? 
Yes, at an additional charge. We also offer free advice for individuals that wish to install their gate.

Q. How long will it take for you to make my gate? 
After we sign agreement it usually takes between 6-8 weeks depending on design and complexity.

Q. What is powder-coating? 
The powder-coating process is relatively straightforward. The secret is in the actual material–a combination of finely ground plastics with various hues and pigments, which will determine the color of your finished gate. This powder is applied to the gates by electrostatic transfer. (I’ll explain that a bit later.)

The key to having an amazing-looking finish on your gate which resembles a high quality automobile finish, lies in how well the surface is prepared prior to powder coating. All rust, metal shavings, any other foreign matter on the surface must be removed or the granules won’t properly adhere to it.

After fabrication of your gate is completed, we clean it by sandblasting and chemical washing. Sandblasting also aids in providing a rough surface for the powder chips to adhere to.

Once the sandblasting and chemical washing is completed, we have to ensure that the gate is completely dry–but simply letting it air dry will not be enough. It has to be 100 percent dry, so it’ll be baked in a large oven at 300-350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes.

Once your gate is completely dry and clean, it’s time to apply the powder-coat. Like we said before, the powder-coat is finely ground plastics made up of hues and pigments. It’s applied dry with a special powder-coating gun that resembles a hairdryer. The gun simultaneously applies an electrostatic charge to the powder-coat granules and metal. This basically means that the electrostatic charge holds the granules in place on the metal gate until it gets baked in the oven.

The baking step involves moving your gate into a very large oven where it will get baked for 45 to 60 minutes at 350 degrees F. This process melts and cures the powder granules and pigments onto the gate in one step. The end result is a very even and uniform look along with an exceptionally durable finish that will last for many years to come. During installation of the gate, the powder coating needs to be protected from damage due to abrasion and materials of construction such as mortar and brick cleaning chemicals. Maintaining the finish and luster of your gate is as simple as washing it with a mild detergent about every 6-months.

Q. Why powder coat? 
As well as being better for the environment, powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough.

Q. How do I pay for my gate? 
A. When you are ready to purchase we sign an agreement and require a 50% deposit. When your gate is completed, or after your gate is installed we require the balance.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 
A. We accept checks or money orders.

Q. What material do you use to make your gates? 
A. We use heavy gauge steel. We can also build your gate from aluminum; however, it is not as strong and will cost a little more.